Possible cartographies in Ibiza & Formentera

MAPA CULTURAL is a research project created and developed in Ibiza by the local anthropologist Joan Costa. This project is based on the observation of the territory of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera from the social and historical point of view. The idea is born in the context of the loss of self-identity, the growing touristization and banalization of the landscape that affect the Pitiusan islands. These accelerated changes jeopardize the sustainability – environmental, economic and social – of the islands.

In line with other local initiatives, the MAPA CULTURAL project proposes elements that help to describe and critically analyze the recent evolution of the territory of the Pitiüses Islands. The objectives are to improve the knowledge of the environment and build different proposals for social action, resources needed to model an alternative and future narrative.

How to create those possible cartographies in Ibiza and Formentera? CULTURAL MAP proposes building communication bridges between the different agents involved in the territory: public administrations, neighborhood groups and rural owners, tourism companies and private citizens. In short, it is about thinking collectively, proactively and creatively about what to do to improve the environment and living together, trying to reach social consensus.

What will you find on this website?

In this space cartographic, ethnographic and historical information of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera will be shared. The identification of traditional knowledge, uses and customs will occupy a prominent place.

The results of the research are gathered in a set of cartographic products, either through geographic information systems (GIS) or maps on paper support, such as the Tourist Map of Ibiza and Formentera.

Vénda Benimussa 2017
Vénda de Benimussa (Sant Josep): traditional homestead map (2017)